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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  February 19, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PST

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bay are getting into the heavier rain so our storm highlights showers, thunderstorms, another .1" to .25" is possible and snow above 2,000 feet. we have warmer weather in the forecast. >> amy hollyfield has been checking on problems and filed this report. >> this soak, came down in petaluma which convinced a woman to delay errands until later. >> stuck in the house because i have not wanted to go out. about time to face the madness. >> she wasn't the only one sticking close to home. employees at this center say it makes for a quiet day. >> slows down our business. that is it. people will not leave the house. others, some people, they need this money.
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they come out rain or shine. >> traffic on 101 slowed a bit in the not bay as people dealt with the wet weather but there were breaks in the showers, but not too long, a relief to jim who as a salesman has many stops in the day. >> i am able to travel between the different stores. it has been no problem. traffic has been flowing well and i started in mill valley and i will finish in petaluma. everyone was relieved to finally get some rain. january was the fifth driest on record. >> we need the rain. i'm waterproof. >> beverly was disappointed. she just got home from a visit to the east coast and hoped for some warm california weather. >> not as bad as being back east but it could be better. i looked for warmer temperatures and i have to say the rain is
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good. we need it. >> cold and rain. we get a break. you can see highway 101 is moving fine. as we have been told, more wet weather is yet to come. >> thank you. a woman ended up in the hospital after her truck overturned in santa rosa. it happened at petaluma hill road at 8:00 a.m. weather is believed a factor but the highway patrol is still investigating. here is what the storm looked like in the east bay: hail dropped along the boulevard in berkeley hills. this picture coming from 11-year-old jamison of berkeley. the weather system is leaving some snow in the sierra, much needed snow. here is a live look from south lake tahoe camera. jealous of the skiers up there with lift chairs empty. fresh powder will still be
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coming. meteorologist mike nicco said the mountains will get over a foot. chain requirements are in effect on i-80 to donner lake with no chain restrictions on highway 50 right now. stay with abc7 for continuing storm watch coverage. you can track the storm online with live doppler 7 hd at >> we have new video showing clean up efforts after a huge tree fell on a home in a contra costa community of diabolo. a small army of workers moved in with tools and a crane to remove the oak tree. portions of the 80' tree cover the house roof this morning. crews freed at least two damaged vehicles from the mess. this is how it looks after diseased rooted toppled the tree. a neighbor said it sounded like an explosion. no one was hurt. >> from southern california,
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four people are dead after a chaotic 25 minute shooting spree in orange county. investigators are still trying to puzzle it together. the first shooting came around 4:45 a woman was reportedly shot in a home. several other crime scenes stretched along the 55 freeway. police believe the gunman shot several people while trying to carback them and turned the gun on himself when officers had him surrounded. >> the los angeles police chief says a review of the firing is underway of an ex-officer on a killing rampage but he says it is too early to comment on christopher dorner's case. >> i don't for a minute discount the effect that his manifesto had on the reputation of los angeles police department. it needs to be addressed. we are only as good as the public thinks we are. >> the chief says the review will be made public. dorner claimed he was subjected
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to racism and targeted for reporting misconduct. the accused cop kill are died of a self inflicted gunshot during a mountain cabin siege last week. >> in the last hour the san francisco giants and the mayor teamed up to make a major announcement. a new addition is coming to the water front south of at&t park. cornell bernard is live with the plans that are "brewing." >> that is right. beer. baseball. they go together. that is why pier 48 next to at&t park will be the new home to anchor brewing company's new plant. the partnership is between the giants and the city of san francisco. here is what it will look like, a production facility with a big brew pub restaurant and museum inside the 212,000 square foot building. anchor is the first tenant for the $1.6 billion mission rock re-development project along the
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waterfront which could bring 7,000 new jobs when it is all done. the hope is that anchor facilities could be a world-class tourist destination. >> we know there are a lot of businesses that would like to see the brewery but we are not geared up. so we wanted to make it a coast nation in san francisco. a must-see attraction for locals. >> whether it is clothing or food, everyone is asking, what do you have made in san francisco because we want it in china, in india, in japan, in europe, because it means quality. >> anchor has been brewing beer in san francisco since 1896 and it will be the second facility in the city and could quadruple the output from 120,000 to 600,000 barrels of beer. the project could be done by 20
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16. >> still ahead, tough talk from the president on looming automatic cuts. the message for congress ahead of the federal sequestration deadline. >> it is like a scene from a hollywood movie the largest diamond heists in history. a tearful court appearance for oscar pistorius with differing theories on the death of his
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>> a brazen crime in belgium, armed masked men stole millions in diamonds in the biggest jewelry heists in european history. it happened at the brussels international airport. police say the masked men cut a hole in a security fence, drove on to the tarmac and stole the gems from the hold of a swiss-bound plane and are estimated to be worth $62 million u.s. dollars. investigators found a burned out van believed used bit robbers. the diamonds were on the way to zurich. >> there is another major deadline in washington in just ten days. $85 billion in automatic federal spending cuts will go into effect. president obama this morning put pressure on congressional republicans to come up with a plan saying the cuts result in few are police, firefighters on the streets, reduced military readiness, less border security, and criminals going free because
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federal prosecutors will have to close cases. >> the cuts are not smart, fair, they will hurt or economy, they will add hundreds of thousands of members to the unemployment roles this is not an extract. people will lose their jobs. the unemployment rate could tick up again. >> the congress was out there to get the message with lawmakers on recess so this are no negotiations underway. abc7 news anchor is traveling to washington, dc, right now, for an interview with president obama. he will speak with the president at white house tomorrow. the reports from washington begin tonight at 5:00 right here on abc7 news. >> a lot of tears were shed in south africa today at oscar pistorius' bail hearing and at his girlfriend's funeral. the blade runner is accused of premeditated murder. there are surprising new sames.
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>> we hear two different stories this morning about what happened inside oscar pistorius' house on valentine's day. the details were only revealed in between brakes in the bail hearing. oscar pistorius broke down sobbing several times forcing the judge to stop the precedings and tell him to compose himself. >> oscar pistorius said he shot his girlfriend on accident, and these was filled with horror and fear when he realized what he had done. in a statement read by the lawyer he said that he didn't have on his prosthetic legs and he felt vulnerable and thought there was an intruder in the bathroom. >> i have never seen him show an angry side or lose his temper. it is just, he is incredibly kind and gentle and that is the way i know him. >> the prosecution says oscar pistorius took the time to put on his legs and walk 20 feet before opening fire on the locked bathroom door and they question how oscar pistorius could have been surprised when reeva steenkamp arrived at house hours earlier with her overnight
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bag and another discrepancy, oscar pistorius says after the shooting, he put on the legs and tried to kick down the bathroom door but wash -- bashed it in with a bat with multiple reports saying it was covered with blood. reeva steenkamp was laid to rest while he was sobbing in court. >> face is missing inside all people that she knew. that space cannot be filled. we will keep all the positive things we remember and know about my sister. >> we are family. >> abc is reporting steroids were found in his home and they are testing had his blood for the drug that can cause aggressive rage. >> our meteorologist, mike nicco, a busy morning. >> rain out there and much needed rain.
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the last time we had rain was january 24. not a world beater but helping out the cause since it has been so dry. here are the multiplayers of clouds keeping our temperatures in the mid-40's to low 50's, and they are not through yet. i will show you where the rain is now and where it will move for the afternoon and evening plans. >> and the stir being caused by royal mom to be,
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>> benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> kate middleton made the first public appearance since announcing her pregnancy but it is what people don't say that has everyone talking. this is supposed to be the dutch et cetera -- duchess revealing the bump. some have said it is more like a blip at this point. however, the royal watchers are aexcited about the first appearance of the year and london says the royal baby is due in july. >> that is how i look after a
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sandwich. she is a thin lady. we have "blips" on the radar. >> was she glowing? when my wife was pregnant she was glowing. wonderful. glowing outside, lights, you need the headlights, blips on the radar, we have it. a storm watch. not the biggest storm but it is one that we have not had in a while, 3 1/2 or four weeks since we have had good rain. as you look at live doppler 7 hd , we will start in the east bay, i wanted to show you the back edge of the steady rain passing by berkeley and oakland and to walnut creek and the san ramon valley you can see the blip in pink and that was mount difficult an -- mount diabolo snowing. the dry line is moving through san francisco and daly city to san mateo but here is the san mateo bridge.
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you can see it is still raining right hire. the next ten minutes or so that will taper, and down in the south bay you can see across the dumbarton bridge, and, 237, we have an increase in rain headed to the south by, light-to-moderate rain, and here is 87 right now you can see the heavy rain falling right here on 87 near the shark tank so be careful in the south bay. you getting the heaviest rain now and for the next hour. you can see the snow working toward the sierra, with winter advisory until 10:00 with a foot of know and a low is coming in behind the system bringing thunderstorms with small hail in the evening and overnight and mostly over the ocean. we will go from a steady rain to scatter showered, and measurable snow to around 2,500' and 1 itch i to 5" possible, and a couple of inches are possible, and we will have clearing and this air
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is so cold, pets pets and plantu need to protect them. the lows will slide over the sierra so we will have a burst of snow in the afternoon and evening and behind the front we have colder, dry air for tonight. cold front coming through and we showed you the back edge of the precipitation lining up with the cold front and we move through the afternoon hours and you can see showers become more scattered and that is when the snow level starts to drop down. here is the low, you can see it sliding over the ocean where the greatest instability is tonight but it could veer over our higher elevations so because the bulk is over the ocean does not mean we cannot get it over land so if you hear the hail tonight that is a storm passing by. tomorrow, we are mostly clear and freezing cold especially inland valleys and we will have partly cloudy conditions headed into the afternoon hours. tomorrow night, mainly clear again and probably frosty cold
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again, check out the temperatures tonight, look at the low 30's inland and mid-30's to low 40's around the bay. the seven-day outlook shows temperatures stuck in the 40's to low 50's today and we will get near 60 tomorrow and thursday and friday and saturday away from the coast we will hover around 60 with a warming trend sunday and monday. it will be close to us thursday through sunday but most of the precipitation will fall in idaho and utah and nevada and we will miss out. this is as much as we will get. >> we will take it. >> great timing, the oscars are a few days away and abc7 is the only place to watch the oscars on sunday with all the starlets and their gowns so warm weather is good. our coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. and you can countdown with our official oscars app the back stage pass giving best access with a dozen camera streaming
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video from behind-the-scenes by downloading oscars app available for iphone, ipad, droid and kindle fire. >> big day for "good morning america" and the entire abc news family tomorrow. robin roberts runs to the anchor desk tomorrow morning. she has been gone for six months after undergoing a bone marrow transplant. we had a look at how she is preparing to come back this morning on "good morning america" and you can watch her return tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. after our morning news. next, a riddle for all of you parents, a new mom gives birth to four bouncing baby boys but they are not quadruplets? what? >> uner and american idol star and legendary music man take the
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>> at 3:00 on "katie "identity biggest names in music and then tricks that earned a horse houdi ni and people who never touch alcohol or drugs could have a false test. >> and a woman gave set to two eightal twins on the same day with no fertility drugs. they grew in pairs in two separate placentas and were delivered healthy by c-section on valentine's day. the odds are one in 70 million. >> buy lottery tickets.
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[dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> hello everyone, and welcome to millionaire's countdown to the oscars. cute guy, right? we've been giving this show the red-carpet feel all week, but you at home are going to get a chance to experience next year's academy awards in person. just go to to
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find out how. today's returning contestant has been showing off her movie smarts and is just 1 question away from round 2. from chicago, please welcome denise ramsden. [dramatic music] ♪ it's good to see you. >> [laughs] >> all right, denise. before we get to where you stand in the game right now, we know you are a movie buff. you know a lot about movies. you are also an unofficial member of the george clooney fan club. now, what does that mean? >> well, i'm kind of like the president and the vice-president. >> oh, you are? >> i hold the meetings. no one else comes. the cat takes notes. it never goes well. do you want to come over? >> yeah. well, i love george clooney. does he know that you have this fan club? >> i'm not--do you know him? do you want to see where he's hanging out later? >> i've met him, but i think he's involved. isn't he? >> i'm not worried about her. >> oh! wow, okay. [applause] i get it. i get it. you'll make a little money. you're a nice-looking lady from


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